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Welsh Assembly..
Welsh Assembly. 265mm x 180mm £195
Etching process.


The Etching Process

For my etchings, I use a copper or zinc plate which is coated with a thin acid resistant wax or ground. The design is drawn into the wax with a needle point which exposes the copper. The plate is then immersed in acid and the lines are etched. This can be repeated several times to achieve lines of varying strength and thickness.

Tonal effects can be achieved using aquatint. A powdered resin is applied to the plate which, when heated forms minute acid resistant globules. The plate can then be immersed in acid for differing lengths of time to achieve graduated tones. Fine adjustments in tone, and corrections, can be made by working directly onto the plate with a scraper and burnisher.

Prints are taken, one at a time, on a press resembling a mangle. I normally apply three or four colours to the plate and add more colours to the print using watercolour. The finished print is then signed and numbered. When the edition is complete the plate is scored to make any further printing impossible.

All etchings are hand printed on Sanders Waterford paper with margins 50-100mm depending on the print. They are then signed and numbered by the artist.

Etching process.


Commissioning a picture

A commissioned picture makes a unique and memorable birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift.

If you are interested in commissioning a picture, please email or phone me to discuss your ideas. I will normally ask you to send a selection of photos and from them produce a rough sketch of the composition. We will then agree on the size, timescale and medium. I will give you a firm price for the finished picture, including framing and delivery.

At this stage I will require a deposit of 10% of the agreed price. I will then complete and deliver the finished picture by the agreed date. Payment will be due on receipt of the picture.

Etching process.

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12/13 APRIL. SILVERSTONE VSCC Spring Start Race Meeting

19/20 JULY. SHELSLEY WALSH Classic Nostalgia




Orders & contact.


Etchings and Prints are sold unframed. All dimensions are approximate and are of the image only.
Please contact me for prices of framed pictures.

Please add £6 per order for U.K. delivery.
Please contact me for overseas delivery rates.

Etchings are sent flat, limited edition prints are sent in tubes so mixed orders attract two p&p charges.

Most orders will be despatched within a few days. A delivery date will be confirmed when you order.

Prices may be subject to change without notice. Please confirm at time of order. E&OE.

Major credit cards accepted.

If you are unhappy with any of your etchings or limited edition prints, I will refund your money if they are returned in good condition within 14 days of receipt.

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0-60, This is your motoring life!

Commission your 'auto'biography - the story of your life through the cars you have loved and loathed.

More about commissioning a picture

For any occasion

0-60, This is your motoring life!

You can also commission a picture for any special occasion - weddings, anniversaries, a landmark birthday or retirement.

More about commissioning a picture